An efficient solution to increase the security of WordPress

An efficient solution to increase the security of WordPress

Now that we are witnessing the growth of site activities and the expansion of site-related businesses, WordPress site design and increasing WordPress security have become important issues. Because sites can be threatened by hackers depending on the type of activity they have. So that a large amount of their activity is always exposed to hacker attacks. Therefore, getting to know this group of risks and knowing the solutions to increase the security of WordPress can help the owners of these sites in order to have a secure site.

Why is WordPress security important?

Sites, as one of the most important components of Internet businesses, contain extensive data in their various sections, which often have a private and identity aspect. This issue is very prominent in relation to store or service sites. Because the users of this category of sites need to enter the information that is requested from them in the sections such as registration, order registration and other such things.

In such a case, sites with different users can be referred to as databases that attract the attention of many cyber thieves. Because hackers are looking for this information to use it to create threats and turn it into capital.

With this in mind, can’t we answer the question “Why is WordPress security important?” Did he give a correct and logical answer? In fact, it should be said that security, as the first and most effective credit parameter, increases the credit of your site. In a sense, you as the owner of the site are responsible for the data contained in it as well as the information of the users. So that any threat to these data can cause the loss of users and the activity of your site.

For this reason, increasing the security of WordPress is considered as one of the most important issues in the performance of the site. For this reason, solutions to increase WordPress security can prevent the risks of neglecting WordPress security.

Solutions to increase WordPress security

Since the dangers of not paying attention to WordPress security can seriously affect the successful performance of various sites, applying WordPress security enhancement solutions as a preventive solution will help a WordPress site stay away from threats. Therefore, in the following, some solutions to increase the security of WordPress, which can be very effective at the same time, will be presented.

  1. Use of security plugins

Certainly, in the discussion of WordPress activity, different plugins achieve the greatest possible functional role. With this account, in relation to increasing the security of WordPress, it will be possible to use security plugins to improve the safety level of the site. In fact, it should be said that WordPress site activity is not possible without plugins, regardless of its type.

The design of different types of plugins has made various processes related to WordPress sites easy and at the same time done well. As a result, in order to increase the security of WordPress, the discussion of using plugins will be discussed. Now the question that arises is related to how security plugins work!

As expected, security is achieved by checking, guarding and monitoring; But this is not possible by people. Because taking care of the site 24 hours a day is hard and impossible. This is where security plugins can prevent your site from hacking risks and threats by monitoring and guarding it 24 hours a day.

Among these plugins, the following can be mentioned:

  • All In One WP Security plugin
  • wordfence plugin
  • ithemes security plugin
  • Sucuri Security plugin

These plugins are among the best WordPress security plugins, each offering unique features to enhance WordPress security.

  1. Change the dashboard access URL

One of the other ways to increase the security of WordPress is to change the URL to access the dashboard. Normally, it will be possible to access the WordPress site dashboard by searching

In this case, can we talk about security? Definitely not. Because hackers can easily access your site’s dashboard. As a result, you need to change the correct path to the dashboard. For this, you can use different methods.

  • Changing the URL through the database
  • Change the URL through the WordPress settings
  • Change the URL via wp-config.php

In addition to the mentioned methods, other solutions can be used to change the URL to access the dashboard. In any case, the choice of how to do this depends on the people themselves.

  1. Use strong passwords

The use of password is used with the aim of creating security in the registration and login process, and it is very important to increase the security of WordPress. With this account, it is necessary to upgrade the security level of WordPress, it will be required to use strong passwords. So that it is not easy to identify.

In fact, choosing simple and mundane passwords can become a big threat to your site’s activity. For this reason, you should be smart about choosing the right password. As a result, it is necessary to use complex passwords in the structure and combination of words. Because in this case, it will be difficult and impossible for hackers to guess them.

  1. Change the default username

In terms of security, the default mode can act as a threat. Because it includes familiar routes that hackers have traveled many times and are aware of its low and high. With this in mind, can we expect security from a WordPress site whose settings are in the default mode? Undoubtedly not.

With this definition, changing the username from the default state is among the ways to increase WordPress security and prevent the risks of neglecting WordPress security. The username of the WordPress site administrator is saved as admin by default, which can make it easier for hackers to identify and access the site. As a result, it is best to change this name and use a variety of unpredictable names.

  1. Setting limits for failed logins

You must have faced the limit of the number of unsuccessful logins when entering some sites. So that users can only have a few unsuccessful logins and after a few unsuccessful attempts, the possibility of logging in is limited for a temporary period of time. As a result, hackers cannot continuously take advantage of failed logins.

For this reason, today most sites, especially WordPress sites, have defined this entry limit to increase WordPress security. Definitely, with this, the security of your site will increase to a great extent. Therefore, you can set the number of failed logins and the limit to 5 or any number to discourage hackers from logging in.

  1. Two-step authentication

Another solution that strongly plays a role in the process of increasing the security of WordPress is related to the definition of two-step authentication to increase the security level of entering the site. Sites that use this login system can better protect themselves against cyber attacks and avoid the risks of not paying attention to WordPress security.

This authentication system is generally used for store sites and various trading sites. So that by creating a two-step barrier, it eliminates the possibility of simple access to users’ accounts. For this reason, the two-step authentication system has many fans in order to maintain the security of users’ accounts.

  1. Using correct and safe templates

In relation to WordPress sites, there are very diverse and beautiful templates, each of which is selected according to its appearance characteristics; But in some cases, there are templates that use codes in their structure that can disrupt the performance of your site. This category of formats, which are introduced and known as cracked formats, are distributed by stealth, which can be problematic.

Therefore, it is recommended to use templates that are prepared by professional developers and have no problems for your WordPress site. This is very important in terms of increasing the security of WordPress as well as its better performance.

  1. Update WordPress and its plugins

Considering that WordPress, as a content management system, is constantly improving and updating based on the needs of users, including the security solutions that are defined for it, we can mention its constant updating. In fact, the existence of some disturbances that can be seen in the functioning of the WordPress site is the result of hackers’ efforts to access different parts of these sites.

This category of security threats can be resolved by updating WordPress and its plugins. As a result, by updating your WordPress site, in addition to being able to fix various problems and performance disturbances, you will greatly increase its security.

  1. Disable File Editing

The File Editing section is a feature or tool in the WordPress dashboard that allows people to edit code and change the structure of templates and plugins. This part of the site can be identified as a threat that needs to be disabled. In fact, by accessing this part of the WordPress site, hackers can hide malicious codes in the structure of your site and cause its malfunction.

In such a case that the activation of the File Editing function acts as a threat, the best thing to do is to disable this function in order to maintain the security of the site as much as possible.

  1. backup

Since sites can go down for various reasons and unpredictably, putting your content at risk, they need to be backed up regularly. This can maintain the security of your site in terms of content.

The importance of content in all types of sites is so great that it can influence the activity of a site. So that the site without content, practically cannot be visited and feedback. For this reason, it is necessary to prioritize the security of this sector.

In addition, you should keep in mind that there are various files in WordPress that need to be backed up. In this case, you can use different methods such as manual backup, automatic backup or backup with the help of plugins.

In general, it should be said that the ways and solutions to increase the security of WordPress can be much wider than the 10 mentioned, each of which plays a different role in improving the level of security of the WordPress site. The important thing is to pay attention to these sites and their level of security in order to avoid unpleasant events that may occur due to the smallest hacker threats.

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