Application of Two-Factor Authentication in WHM

Application of Two-Factor Authentication in WHM

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

2FA adds an extra layer of security to your login by requiring two verification methods. Typically, you’ll need your password and a temporary code from your phone. This ensures unauthorized access even if someone steals your password.

Setting Up 2FA in WHM:

1. Log in to WHM.

2. Navigate to Security Center > Two-Factor Authentication.

3. Enable 2FA:

- Toggle the switch "ON".
- The system will pre-fill your hostname as issuer information. Click "Save".

4. Choose a 2FA App (pick one):

- Google Authenticator (Android, BlackBerry, iOS)
- Duo Mobile (Android, iOS)
- Authenticator (Windows Phone)

5. Link Your WHM Account with the App:

- Open your chosen app on your phone.
- Select "Manage My Account" in WHM and click "Set up two-factor authentication".
- Choose either:
    - Scan the QR Code displayed in WHM with your app.
    - Enter the account details shown in WHM into your app manually.

6. Enter the 6-digit code from your app in WHM and click “Configure Two-Factor Authentication”.

7. A confirmation message will appear, indicating successful 2FA setup.

Benefits of 2FA:

  • Significantly improves WHM login security.
  • Protects against unauthorized access even if your password is compromised.

We hope this guide helps you secure your WHM!

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