Guide to choosing the right virtual server

Guide to choosing the right virtual server

In this article, we intend to guide you, the dear ones and regular companions of hosting100, in buying and choosing a virtual server so that you can make the best choice and purchase according to your needs.

What is a virtual server?

A virtual server or VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, is a part of a complete dedicated server that becomes a virtual server with a virtualizer. The resources of the main dedicated server are divided between the virtual servers in which it is built, and the resources of each virtual server are separate and exclusive. Virtual server has less resources and cost than a dedicated server.

Things you should pay attention to when buying:

Choosing a good virtual server that fits the needs has always been one of the concerns of buyers and customers. For this reason, we are going to mention in this article some things that should not be ignored when choosing and buying a server, and if you follow these things when buying and choosing, you will have no doubt that you will have a good purchase that suits your needs. It is recommended to determine your purpose before buying a server. By doing this, you will roughly know your needs and make a good purchase according to your needs and goals.

In the following, we discuss the important things that should be checked when buying.

1- Virtual server location:

The first and one of the most important things you should consider is the location of the server. Currently, it is possible to get a virtual server from many countries of the world

2- Virtual server hard drive type:

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Virtual server hard drive is one of the most important factors for choosing a suitable virtual server. Currently, 3 types of hard drives are used in virtual servers, each of which is suitable for the work that we will introduce below:


SATA hard drives, which is the oldest type of hard drive in this list, is one of the 3 types of hard drives used in virtual servers. The loading speed and reading and writing speed of this type of hard drive is very low compared to the next two types, and it is not recommended to use these hard drives to host websites. But this type of hard drive has two very good advantages, one is that they have a very affordable price, and two are that they have a large space and volume, that’s why it is recommended to use this type of hard drive in download hosts or as a storage space. Use large and heavy files.


Compared to SATA hard drives, SSD hard drives have higher and better read and write speeds, or I/O, but they have lower I/O speeds compared to NVMe hard drives.


NVMe hard drives are the best type of hard drive used in virtual servers and have a very high I/O speed compared to the previous two types of hard drives. NVMe hard drives can be used in everything because they meet all your needs with their high speed, but they are expensive and finding a virtual server with NVMe space is a bit difficult and expensive.

If the cost is not important to you and you care a lot about processing speed, I suggest that you definitely use NVMe hard drives, otherwise, depending on your needs, you can use SSD or SATA hard drives.

3- RAM and CPU of the virtual server:

RAM and CPU are the two main pillars of a process, you should choose enough RAM and CPU for your server according to the amount of processing you create by running the project, if your server has RAM and CPU If you don’t have enough to process, the operating system will face a queue of processes, in which case the server will be overloaded and eventually your project will face slowness or complete shutdown.

4- virtual server management:

When you buy a virtual server, first an operating system is installed on it, and no configuration or changes have been applied to it, and the server is completely raw. In order to be able to make the best use of the server and start your project, a series of changes and configurations must be applied on the server, which in most cases the person who buys the server does not have this knowledge, that is why the host and provider must Choose the one that will help you manage the server. All configurations and installation of the program on the server are done for free in the hosting100 collection.

5- Monitoring:


By purchasing a virtual server, you will own a dedicated server with less resources and you can run your programs and projects on it. One of the important points is that your virtual server is always on and 24 hours a day without disruption or outage because any disruption can cause server failure or problems in running programs. Your host should use a monitoring service to fix any problems as soon as possible.

6- Support:

One of the most important things and factors not only in buying a server but also in buying any product, service or service is very important is support. Always keep in mind when buying your products that you will need support related to that product, so try to buy from a host that has good support.

The parameters that determine a suitable support are as follows:

  • Response time after sending a support request.
  • 24-hour response.
  • Specialized knowledge of the support unit.
  • Ways to contact support.

Fortunately, with the 24-hour support of hosting100, you can submit a ticket or call any time of the day or night to receive guidance or request support.

I hope this article was useful for you.

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