How to install CPanel and WHM in simple language

How to install CPanel and WHM in simple language

How to install Cpanel? Hello, in this part of the tutorials for installing control panels, I want to install cpanel / whm on the traditional OS 7 distribution. This tutorial is for vps and real servers. We will start by logging in as the root user through ssh. The first task in each The Linux system is easy to update the repositories and install an editor, well with the command

yum update

We update the repositories. Now with the order

yum -y install nano 

We will install the nano editor because it is needed, then we can also use the vi editor, but it is difficult for me to work with it. Well, now we have to assign a half host to the server, and it is better to set this half host with the command Assign a half-host to it in the following format


For example


Well, now we have to install the Perl package which is a prerequisite. I will install it with the following command

yum -y install perl

After the installation, go to the home folder.

cd / 
cd /home

And at this stage, we need to download the cpanel / whm installation file. There are 2 ways to get the installation file

1- Download manually and transfer it with a software like winscp

2- Download through the command inside the terminal

I use the second way, which is easier

There are two ways to download through the command, one through wget and one through curel.

yum -y install wget

And then we type this command to download the installation file

We enter the following command through curel

curl -o latest -L

Now it’s time to install the file, we will install the file with the following command

sh latest

At the end of the successful installation, you will see a message like this

Thank you for installing cPanel & WHM

Congratulations, you have successfully installed cpanel / whm to access the whm panel through the address in the following format


In your browser, where the password is your root password and the user is root, it is available on the cpanel from the address in the following format

support hosting100