What is Lightspeed?

What is Lightspeed?


What is Litespeed and what are its features? You have probably heard the name of Lightspeed web server by now. Before you know what Lightspeed is and what it is used for, it is better to familiarize yourself with the web server. A web server is actually a software that responds to user requests on the World Wide Web. Web servers are responsible for storing web pages, processing their information, and responding to user requests when a user requests to view a page. There are several application web servers that you can use. Some of the best of these software are:

  • LiteSpeed ​​web server
  • Apache web server
  • Microsoft IIS web server
  • Nginx web server

Litespeed can be considered one of the best and fastest web server software that many people use these days to manage their servers. As one of the great advantages of this software, which has been welcomed by a large number of Internet users, we can mention its security and high speed. Some users ask us how Lightspeed is different from Apache web server. Although in practice the use of both is similar, but it is not bad to know that Litespeed has a speed about 6 times faster than Apache web server.

This software is provided by LiteSpeed ​​Technologies. OpenLiteSpeed ​​is the name of the servers of this web server, which has advanced technology. These servers are able to respond to users’ requests in a fraction of a second. Because of this, Litespeed web server could soon become an unrivaled alternative to other software such as Apache web server. If you want to know more about the applications of this software, stay with us until the end of this article.

Advantages of Lightspeed over other web servers

What are the advantages of Litespeed? Why is this software so popular? Today, most hosting companies prefer to use this web server, if before its introduction, Apache web server was the most popular. Undoubtedly, this software has been able to display merits that other similar software did not have these features. In the following, we have mentioned the most important advantages of Lightspeed compared to other web server software.

High speed light speed

As you know, in the discussion of server management, high speed is the first and last word. Other similar softwares have often been abandoned by hosting companies due to slow response times to user requests. If this web server is used, the user will receive the answer to his request quickly after entering the web. If you want to have a real competitive advantage over your competitors, our recommendation is to buy Litespeed.

Server stability

Another very important factor that you should consider while buying a web server is the stability of the server to keep the uptime of the site high. Uptime is the amount of time a server is available to users and responds to their requests. If the uptime of the site decreases for any reason, it can have a lot of negative effects on the user experience. But what is the advantage of light speed? By purchasing this web server, you can reach 99% uptime.

Sites that have a lot of traffic or experience heavy traffic in specific periods of time are always concerned that their site server is not able to respond to this volume of user requests. To solve this concern, it is enough to experience a period of using Light Speed. By purchasing this software, regardless of how much traffic your site has over time, the server and site will always be available for users.

Works on old browsers

Another advantage of this software is its high flexibility. This software is able to provide hosting programs based on Linux and Windows. Also, if your website works with old versions of the browser, there is still a special feature for this software that the user will not face any problem to receive his request from your site. Litespeed management system can be considered one of the most useful web server management systems.

High security of the Litespeed web server

Another prominent feature of this software is its high security. Do you have an online business but you are not sure about the security of your site? Changing site files through hackers and their vandalism is one of the threats you may face while managing a site. Therefore, the design company of this software has considered a feature for it, despite which the files of your website will not be changed without your knowledge. This high-speed web server works without being affected by the activity of viruses that may penetrate your site in any way.

The price is right

Another advantage of this web server is its affordable price. If you have just launched a website and want to have a high-speed web server with great features for a low cost, you can purchase a LiteSpeed ​​license. This software has different licenses.

Simple user interface

As the last advantage of this web server that we intend to review in this article, we can mention the easy installation, user-friendly design and simple user interface of this software. Even if you don’t have much technical expertise, with just a little mastery in working with this platform, you can easily take advantage of its features and edit your site’s server settings.

In addition, the designers of this software have designed it in such a way that you can easily access the web server directory. This accessibility gives you the opportunity to always implement the necessary updates and changes on your site. By purchasing Litespeed, you will not have to worry about updating PHP because it is done automatically. Litespeed web server has made server management as simple as possible.

LiteSpeed ​​web server versions

There are three versions of Litespeed, depending on the type of site and the amount of traffic, you should choose the best version for your site. In the following, we have introduced these three items so that you can decide to buy the best one with a better understanding of the various versions of this software.

Professional version

Big and famous hosting companies use this version of the web server software. If you have a large website with high traffic, our recommendation is to use the professional version of Lightspeed. The support of this version of the software can be done both through the DirectAdmin control panel and through CPanel.

Standard version

It is one of the other versions of Lightspeed software. The advantage of this version is that it is compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin and WHM control panels. Another feature of this version is that it is free. But the thing that you should pay attention to is that this version is mainly used for sites that do not have high traffic. Commercial sites and small stores with not very high traffic can use this version of the software.

OpenLiteSpeed ​​Edition

As the name suggests, this version of Litespeed is open source and free. It is functionally similar to the professional version. That is, you can use it for large and high-traffic sites. But the difference with the professional version of Lightspeed web server software is its lack of compatibility with hosting control panels such as cPanel and DirectAdmin. The Open Lite Speed ​​Edition version of this software seems to be a suitable option for personal and commercial sites.

How to choose the best lightspeed license?

As you read a while ago, this software has different licenses. The company of this web server has provided its users with a series of free licenses with 15 days validity. In these 15 days, you can use Lightspeed license for free so that you can more easily decide to choose the best version. But how to choose the best license? The best web server software for each website is different according to the features of that site.

On the other hand, with the variety of licenses of this software, there is no other way but trial and error to find the best version. Therefore, our recommendation is to use free licenses first, so that during the validity period of the selected license, you can reach the best version of this web server for your site by evaluating the performance of the site and the server.

The difference between Litespeed and Apache

Lightspeed performs better than Apache in terms of speed, security and user interface. As another advantage of LiteSpeed ​​over Apache, LiteSpeed ​​consumes less memory than Apache when serving the same content. DDOS attacks are referred to as situations in which, in a period of time and at once, the site’s traffic increases so much that the server is unable to respond and the site is unavailable.

DDOS attacks are usually carried out by competitors. Litespeed’s performance is better than Apache because it can better prevent the site from these attacks; Without needing to install additional hardware on your site. If you have had the unpleasant experience that your site is unavailable for various reasons, it is better to replace the Litespeed web server with the web server you are currently using.

How to switch from Apache to Lightspeed?

Many people who use Apache software may think that by upgrading Apache they can improve its performance. Although the hardware upgrade of this software is not ineffective and improves its performance to a great extent, the thing you should pay attention to is that the cost of buying a Lightspeed license is more affordable than upgrading the Apache web server hardware many times! How can we switch from Apache to Lightspeed?
This transfer is easily possible. Another feature of LITESPEED is its compatibility with Apache. In other words, Lightspeed can act as a direct replacement for Apache by configuring files.

Litespeed installation tutorial

Easy installation of Litespeed is one of the advantages of this software. Simply install this software in a few steps:

  1. In the WHM plugins section, click on the LiteSpeed ​​Web Server plugin.
  2. Select the Install option.
  3. After clicking on the Install option, enter the license serial number.
  4. Then click Next to continue the installation process.

You can install this software easily and only by following the above 4 steps.


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