How to change hostname through WHM

How to change hostname through WHM

A hostname is a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) used to identify your server. By default, your VPS/Dedicated server has a public hostname assigned to it. For example, vps ####. or assign However, you can customize your hostname to improve the ability to send emails from your domain / server. In this article, you can change how the server hostname is used using the Web Host Manager (WHM). Maybe some of you, dear friends, want to change your hosting names, but you don’t know the steps to do this. In this article, we will teach you how to change the host name through whm Follow us to change hostnames.

To change host names through WHM, follow the steps below:

First, log into your WHM.

Then enter the Networking Setup section and click on the Change Hostname option in this section to run a new page.

After entering this page, you can enter your desired host name in the New Hostname field in the Changename Name field.

Then click on the Change option to apply the changes.

Note: Your hostname must be in the form of a subdomain (

Note: Do not select the subdomain where you currently host your cPanel account.

Note: When you change your host name, you need to update the SSL certificate for services (such as cPanel / Webmail, FTP, Dovecot SMTP / IMAP, etc.).

Note: When you change your hostname, update all references to the previous hostname in your connection(s) to the server (such as IMAP/SMTP/POP, FTP and MySQL remote services) with the new hostname.

Important: The new hostname will be assigned as your host until you restart your server. In order for this change to persist across reboots, your host’s system administrator needs to change your hostname.

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