Urgent/ The death of Iran’s President Raisi and his companions after the helicopter accident

Urgent/ The death of Iran’s President Raisi and his companions after the helicopter accident

News about the incident of the helicopter of the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi and his companions have been published around Varzeghan. The president and his entourage usually use a Mil 17 or Bell 214 helicopter, which appears to have been a Bell 214 helicopter this time. Ebrahim Raisi, Al-Hashem Imam of Tabriz, Amir Abdullahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malik Rahmati, Governor of East Azerbaijan, and several other people were among the passengers of this helicopter.
However, some of the president’s companions in this helicopter have managed to contact the center, and thus the hope for the end of this incident without loss of life has increased.

In this convoy, there were 3 helicopters, two of which were carrying some ministers and officials, reached their destination safely.

Preliminary news shows that the convoy carrying the President and his companions on the trip to Tabriz includes three helicopters. The first two helicopters were carrying some ministers and officials, all of whom reached their destination safely. But the third helicopter, which was carrying Ebrahim Raisi along with Ayatollah Al-Hashem, Imam Juma of Tabriz and Hossein Amirabdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, had an accident.

Tabriz provincial network announced in subtitles that the incident happened in Jolfa area. Sahand Network wrote in a subtitle with the tag of urgent news: It announced that severe weather conditions and the presence of thick fog made the access of rescue teams to the scene of the accident slow.

Ebrahim Raisi’s Instagram page now asks people to pray for his health and his companions

According to the reporter of Khabar network, due to the fog, the field of view has reached below 5 meters and this has made it difficult for the rescue team to search.

According to the head of the Red Crescent, 49 groups from the rapid response team are involved in the rescue operation, and due to the impassability of the area, it is not possible to search by car or air, and the rescuers must reach the accident site by ground.

The exact position of the helicopter was found by the heat-seeking drone, but there are no signs of the passengers being alive

According to news agencies, the names of the martyrs of the crash of the helicopter carrying Raisi and the accompanying delegation are as follows:

1- Seyed Ebrahim Raisi
2- Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Ali Al-Hashem
3- Hossein Amirabdollahian
4-Malek Rahmati
5- Sardar Seyed Mehdi Mousavi
6- An Ansar al-Mahdi Corps (identity unknown)
7- Pilot (unknown identity)
8- The pilot’s help, unknown identity)
9-Kruchev (unknown identity)

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