How long should we upgrade the site?

How long should we upgrade the site?

Hosting upgrades are among the important measures that webmasters should pay attention to. You may ask why? Because the host is an essential space for maintaining and maintaining the data of a website. Perhaps it is better to say that every website needs this space to be active on the web. Also, maintaining data security, increasing loading speed and site availability depends on the quality of the host.

Since the world of technology and information technology is considered a broad and dynamic platform. As a result, the main condition for permanence in this space is to move forward. For this reason, neglecting the host and not upgrading it on time will lead to a decrease in the site’s rank on the web platform. With these interpretations, if you want your website to continue its activity, don’t forget about hosting upgrades. In this regard, we will provide you with useful information about this important issue.

Starting websites with shared hosting

Perhaps it is better to give a brief explanation about shared hosting at the beginning. Shared hosting is a type of website hosting space, the resources of which are shared by several different users. In fact, sharing is like a public vehicle, or rather, it is like a bus, where each person has a specific seat and space, but their vehicle and route are shared. Usually, since websites do not need many resources at the beginning of their work, and webmasters have a limited budget. Shared hosting is a good choice for hosting new websites.

Of course, it should also be remembered that in order to start working on shared hosting websites and generally to provide a host, you must refer to reputable companies. Because some hosting companies offer server resources to many sites to earn more money. Undoubtedly, this issue slows down the speed of the site and endangers its security.

In general, shared hosting is suitable for starting websites, but as the number of site visitors increases, it requires more space and resources. So it is necessary to upgrade the host as soon as possible.

Signs that you should change your hosting service

In this part of this article, we are going to tell you that if your website is in the following conditions, you should upgrade your hosting as soon as possible.

There is a disturbance in the speed and performance of the site

Undoubtedly, users are not interested in visiting sites with errors or sites with low speed. Definitely, with a decrease in the number of visitors to a site, its SEO is compromised and the site’s ranking decreases. Because a smart search engine like Google will never give a high rank to a slow or error-filled site.

As a result, if the loading speed of your site is over 3 seconds or the user repeatedly encounters an error message. As soon as possible, you should take the necessary steps to upgrade your hosting so that your ranking in Google does not drop.

Limited resources and lack of suitable space in the host

In shared hosting, limited space is allocated to each user. Because several users use the same host at the same time. Perhaps it is better to raise this issue with an example. For example, when a shopkeeper increases the number of his goods, he should think about providing a bigger space. This also applies to websites and online stores. As a result, when the number of pages and visitors to their site increases, the webmaster should think about hosting upgrades.

Improve site security

Usually, websites use shared or free hosting at the beginning. Because they don’t have a lot of budget to buy hosts and dedicated virtual servers. Usually, shared hosts have a reasonable price, but it must be said that they do not have high security. In this regard, webmasters who are looking to increase the security of a site should upgrade their website as soon as possible.

Increasing the number of photos and video files on the website

As we know, humans communicate more easily and quickly with visual effects. According to the surveys, it is usually much more likely to watch a scientific video or photo on a website than to read a scientific article. For this reason, most websites try to upload attractive photos and videos on their site to increase the time users stay on the site. Usually, by increasing the number of photos and videos, the website has more space to store data. As a result, one of the important measures before increasing the number of video content is to upgrade the site’s hosting.

Increase the number of site visits

One of the things that shows the necessity of hosting upgrades is the increase in the number of users visiting the site. Because with the increase in the number of visits, the loading speed of the website decreases. Also, in order to respond to the needs of users, the number of resources should also increase. As a result, if for any reason the number of users of your website has increased, it needs a powerful host and server.

The occurrence of downtime for the site

You might ask what is Downtime? Downtime means a state where the site is unavailable and internet users cannot visit the site. This situation usually happens due to high volume of traffic. But by choosing a suitable host and upgrading it in time, this incident can be prevented.

What are your options for upgrading your hosting?

Undoubtedly, after encountering the symptoms that we mentioned in the previous section, you should think about a new hosting service for your Host. Usually, due to the high variety of hosting services, choosing a suitable hosting service is a bit difficult. In this regard, before choosing this service, be sure to check the needs of your site well so that you can find the most suitable ones. For this purpose, in the following, we will introduce you the types of hosts that you can trust to upgrade your site’s hosting:

WordPress hosting

Most of the websites on the Internet choose WordPress for their content management system. WordPress hosting is also a suitable hosting service for WordPress sites. Of course, WordPress hosting is not only for WordPress sites, but also for Joomla content management system. The following are among the most important features of this hosting service:

  • Maintaining the information of site visitors
  • Creating security for the site against bugs
  • Increasing the speed of the site when uploading or downloading files
  • Unlimited traffic

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service that hosts the site through several interconnected virtual servers. Among the advantages of this type of hosting service, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Cloud hosting is very fast because it is built on independent servers.
  2. Access to data is possible at any place and time.
  3. Because the data is stored in several different servers, it is possible to recover the data easily.
  4. Cloud hosting is very secure.
  5. The update of these types of hosts is done automatically.

virtual server

Virtual server is also one of the suitable hosting services for your site. Because this hosting service has a powerful hardware and several application software. Online stores that are thinking of upgrading their hosting can replace shared hosting with this hosting service. Among the most obvious advantages of Ibn Sarvais, the following can be mentioned:

  • High speed
  • Prevent errors in site performance
  • Easy update
  • Data security
  • Compatibility with different operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mikrotik
  • The price is right
  • Access to dedicated resources

dedicated server

A dedicated server is another type of website hosting service where resources are allocated exclusively to the website. In other words, if we want to express this type of service with an example. In fact, a dedicated server is like a private villa, and all its facilities belong only to the owner of the villa. If shared hosts are like residential complexes and some building facilities like elevator are shared between all units.

With these interpretations, if you are looking for high speed, excellent uptime and suitable bandwidth, the possibility to install any kind of software and make quick changes. A dedicated server is considered a very good option for hosting upgrades.

Download host

As it is clear from the names of download hosts, these types of hosts are mostly used to download and upload files. Usually, the download host is more suitable for websites that upload and download audio and video files on their site. Because other existing hosts have limited capacity and volume to store files. As a result, if you are looking to stop worrying about running out of bandwidth or slow download speed. We recommend you to use a hosting service for your site.

How to change hosts

In the previous sections of this article, we talked about the signs that indicate that you should change your hosting service. We also introduced the types of hosts that can be suitable for hosting your site. In this section, we are also going to discuss another very important topic, such as teaching the steps of changing hosts:

Choosing a suitable host

Undoubtedly, hosting upgrades should improve the performance of your site and increase its speed. In other words, you definitely intend to provide better and higher quality services to your website visitors after upgrading your hosting. As a result, you should be careful when choosing a host. Also, to host your website, use a host that is most compatible with your site’s needs.

Registration of current site information

The domain type of the site and the backup PHP version are among the important and necessary information that you need after the hosting upgrade. For this purpose, when upgrading the host, write down this information somewhere.

 Backing up the site content

The content of the site is also one of the things that you will need after the hosting upgrade. In this regard, backing up the site’s contents is one of the important stages of upgrading the hosting.

 Informing visitors

When upgrading the host and transferring its contents, the site is usually blocked for a few days. For this reason, it is better to discuss this issue with your website visitors before upgrading.

 Transfer information from the old host to the new host

After completing the previous steps, it’s time to transfer the backup content of the old Host to the new Host via FTP.

Change DNS

Domain Name System or DNS is a service in the network that is responsible for converting IP addresses to names or vice versa. Therefore, after performing the above steps, the DNS of the domain must be set according to the NS of the new hosting service.

 Deleting the site from the previous host

After setting and changing DNS and ensuring that the site is loaded on the new host, you must delete your site from the previous hosting service.

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