Why should we use SSL?

Why should we use SSL?

The benefits of SSL in terms of increasing site security have made obtaining an SSL certificate one of the challenges of site management. Currently, sites are an important part of all types of businesses, and most business systems are driven by sites. For this reason, security has become one of the important components for different people and businesses.

Since sites with more advanced goals and programs are introduced to the world day by day, various risks try to destroy the security of these sites and access to their information. For this reason, various methods are proposed to define security parameters for sites. This is where the use of https protocol and SSL certificate is at the top of security practices.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is a security protocol that guarantees data security by creating a special mechanism and encrypting data. So that the existence of this security certificate causes the encryption of exchange information and thus, it becomes very difficult to access them. For this reason, the security of various information on the site is well maintained.

In fact, a site that uses an SSL certificate changes its protocol from http to https. You may ask what is the difference between http and https protocols? In this regard, it should be said that the http protocol stands for Hyperr Text Transfer Protocol and the HTTPS protocol stands for Hyperr Text Transfer Protocol Secure. In the meantime, the term Secure in the safe sense is the distinguishing factor of the mentioned protocols.

Therefore, the https protocol is introduced and recognized as one of the most familiar components for identifying secure sites. Generally, sites that are in contact with their users or have store and service activities, use this protocol to secure the conditions, in this way users can be sure of the security of their information.

Benefits of SSL and the importance of using https protocol on the website

As mentioned in relation to the SSL certificate, this certificate is of great importance due to the creation of security conditions for all types of information available on the site, and it can implement all the activities of the site in a protected manner; But it should be noted that establishing security is not the only operational goal through the https protocol!

In fact, it should be said that your site can benefit from wider benefits due to the security factor. Among these benefits, you can pay attention to the following:

  1. Attract users

There are different sites, each of which operates in a different field. So that their audience can be separated and users of any type of site activity can be defined according to their taste, purpose of visit and needs. Meanwhile, similar sites can succeed when they attract the attention of unique users.

In such a case, the definition of security conditions, in the form of a positive point, will cause the growth of your site. It does not matter what the purpose and type of activity of your site is. You only need to have the necessary factors to attract the audience. In this case, if your site is a type of store, your sales will definitely increase.

  1. Professional activity of the site

Among the other advantages of using the https protocol, we can mention the professional activity of the site. In fact, it should be said that security acts as a guarantee for the protection of users’ private data; With this account, a site that provides this guarantee to its users will have a much more professional activity.

  1. The growth of businesses related to the site

Since various businesses need to obtain audience information, maintaining security can give people the confidence that their data and assets are not threatened, which makes it easier for them to trust your site and your business. This is where your site can surpass its competitors by gaining the trust of its users.

In addition to the things mentioned about the benefits of SSL, you can add more options, each of which will have a different and unique effect on your site’s performance. For this reason, nowadays, all prominent sites have taken advantage of the SSL certificate in order to validate their activity.


SSL certificate and security to improve site SEO

In addition to adding positive features and benefits to your site’s functional features, the https protocol can provide some of the features, capabilities, and features required for a successful site. So that these features are introduced and recognized as a part of the authentic site.

Improving SEO is one of these things. Search engines such as Google pay special attention to the presence of SSL certificates and raise this issue as a site ranking factor. Based on the new mechanism provided by Google, there are valid and visible sites that use the https protocol to secure data.

According to this way of ranking, you will see that at the top of the searches, sites that have an SSL certificate will be displayed first. As a result, in order to improve the SEO of your site in this category of search engines, it is necessary to use the https protocol.

Due to this issue, the Google search engine often excludes sites that do not have an SSL certificate and use the HTTP protocol from the search results. This can cause a big blow to the site’s activity. Because the number of visitors and users of the site decreases.

Application presentation in app stores

Providing the application in the app stores is not related to the activity of the site! Rather, it is defined for different programs and applications. Regarding the design and launch of various mobile or computer applications, installing an SSL certificate allows you to present the application in various app stores.

In fact, the reason for the need to install this certificate for the designed application is the conditions for presenting the application in app stores. Because programs and applications that do not benefit from SSL certificates cannot be published in app stores. For this reason, if they do not install an SSL certificate, they lose the point of selling the application and earning money.

Therefore, one of the most important measures for designers and programmers is to define the SSL certificate in order to create the opportunity to present the application in the app stores.

SSL certificate, the need to receive an electronic trust symbol

If you are looking to set up a store site, you need to get an electronic trust token. Currently, this symbol is required for the operation of various store sites and acts as a license for the operation of this category of sites. On the other hand, in order to receive the electronic trust symbol, factors and conditions are raised that make the process of obtaining the said symbol somewhat difficult.

Having an SSL certificate is one of the conditions and necessity of receiving an electronic trust symbol. Therefore, it is necessary to use the https protocol for the sites that have a store activity to obtain the electronic trust symbol. Since it is mandatory for store sites to find the electronic trust symbol, it is not possible to ignore the issue of using the https protocol for store sites.

This is not only mandatory in order to receive the electronic trust symbol, but it can also be of great importance in terms of site development and its growth and expansion. Because the audience of store sites are buyers. Therefore, gaining their trust can be considered among the site activity requirements.

 Reasons to buy an SSL certificate

According to what has been discussed so far regarding the SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol, the reasons for buying an SSL certificate can be placed in the group. So that people go to buy an SSL certificate for two general reasons:

– Taking advantage of SSL

– Necessity to purchase an SSL certificate

In fact, the reasons for obtaining an SSL certificate are not outside of these two cases. Some people are looking to expand the activity of their site and want to attract the attention of the audience or the Google search engine to their site and content. This group of people take advantage of SSL certificate to grow their website.

SSL security certificate can increase the performance of a site by providing the necessary conditions. For this reason, most of the sites that have textual, news, educational content, etc., try to increase the number of visitors by defining the SSL certificate. These sites do not have to buy an SSL certificate and only use this opportunity to improve their site’s SEO.

On the other hand, a group of sites, such as stores, need an SSL certificate for their activity. This certificate is part of the functional requirements of these sites and most of the purpose of site owners. However, the benefits of an SSL certificate also apply to e-commerce sites.

In any case, the existence of some conditions and the definition of some factors make people seek to secure their website activity. In the meantime, no security factor and method can influence the opinion of search engines as much as the SSL certificate. For this reason, nowadays most sites, regardless of the type of activity they have, use SSL certificates.

How to buy SSL and SSL certificate security

According to what was said about the SSL certificate and its benefits and features, one of the concerns raised by the owners of different sites is related to how to buy SSL and the security of the SSL certificate! Sites looking to set up this security certificate can purchase it through SSL certificate providers.

Regarding the purchase of an SSL certificate, it should be said that since this certificate has different types, the purchase price depends on the type of your certificate. In addition, each of these types has features that can suit your needs.

In addition, in order to purchase an SSL certificate, you need to provide documents. Among these documents, we can mention the proof of domain ownership. This document is of great importance in relation to the purchase of the said certificate. So that one of the conditions for obtaining an SSL certificate is that you own the domain of your site.

After the documents provided by your chosen site are submitted, the SSL code file will be sent to you. At this time, you should install and set up the SSL certificate to improve the activity of your site.

Considering what has been discussed so far regarding the benefits and features of the SSL certificate, it is recommended to purchase an SSL certificate right now for the growth and development of your site. In this way, you can expand the activity of your site and increase the rank of your site in the Google search engine.

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