What is the difference between a dedicated server and a virtual server?

What is the difference between a dedicated server and a virtual server?

Currently, different types of web hosting services are available to users, the most important of which are shared hosting, dedicated and virtual servers. Choosing a hosting server is one of the most important steps you should take when starting your website.

Before knowing the difference between virtual and dedicated server , it is better to get familiar with the concept of server. In general, every site that operates in the virtual space is placed on a server. Now this server may be located anywhere in the world. According to this article, it can be said that a server is a hardware device that provides hosting services to users. These equipments have high security and with a series of special measures, they protect the sites from hackers.

The server has differences with the host in terms of performance and connection method. For example, the server is connected to other existing devices through the Internet and local network; If the host is connected to other devices only through the Internet. The main difference between a host and a server is that a server provides services, but a host consumes available resources.

Many users don’t know enough about the differences between servers, and some of them don’t even know which service is right for them. Therefore, it is recommended to know the different servers and distinguish their differences. This will help you make the right choice and not regret your purchase in the future. In the upcoming article, we will discuss in detail the difference between a dedicated server and a virtual server.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is one of the most popular and fastest types of servers, all of which resources are completely provided to a specific site. These services are suitable for all types of medium to large online businesses and fully cover the needs of webmasters. Of course, forward-looking small businesses can also benefit from Dedicated Server facilities.

Dedicated and virtual servers both make resources available to users, but because resources are not shared with other sites in a dedicated server; Of course, the performance and security of these services will increase significantly. A dedicated server has many advantages, including the following:

  • Customizability: This server provides a lot of flexibility for the user to apply settings.
  • High security: Since all dedicated server resources are provided to a special user, the security of the site is increased.

It goes without saying that Dedicated Server also has disadvantages. For example, these servers require specialized skills and knowledge due to their complexity, and are also considered one of the most expensive types of web hosting.


What is a virtual server?

A virtual server (VPS) is a type of service that is used for several different websites at the same time. VPS allows users to choose the bandwidth as well as the required hardware power according to their wishes.

In these services, each site uses a part of the mother server’s hardware resources, and at the same time, there is no obligation to share it with other sites. This advantage has caused the current costs of webmasters to be greatly reduced and this type of web hosting is most useful for small sites and blogs.

It should be noted that dedicated and virtual servers are very similar. In fact, we can say that VPS is a small version of a dedicated server; Therefore, it is natural to have more limited resources. One of the interesting features of the virtual server is that it uses a special program called Hypervisor so that those users who have exceeded their hardware limit can use the resources of other sites that have not yet reached the desired limit. VPS has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Easy setup: The nature of this web hosting is designed so that their setup is done quickly. In fact, the servers only need to be activated.
  • Reasonable cost: The price of the virtual server is affordable and does not impose much cost on the user.

There are storage limitations in a virtual server. Also, security breach is another disadvantage of this hosting.

The difference between a dedicated server and a virtual server

As mentioned, servers are very powerful computers that are responsible for supporting various sites. Due to the great power of these large computers, they can be divided into sections and each of them can host a specific site. The servers are connected to a high-speed Internet 24 hours a day and are at a very high level in terms of processing power.

Dedicated and virtual servers are one of the most important types of servers that are provided by hosting companies with different hardware power and different rates depending on the needs of your site. Virtual and dedicated servers have differences that make each of them suitable for a series of sites. In the following, these differences are examined so that you can make an easier decision when buying and choose a service that is suitable and affordable for you.


Dedicated and virtual servers are different in terms of the cost they impose on site administrators. As mentioned above, in a dedicated server, all resources are completely provided to a site. This leads to an increase in the price of the relevant service; Because the entire cost of its maintenance must be paid by the manager of the said site.

Meanwhile, in virtual servers, resources are shared between all users who use the hosting in question. Each user is also obliged to pay only the cost of the part he uses. So, if you are in the initial stages of setting up your online business and you don’t have enough budget, you can buy virtual servers and upgrade it if you want after reaching income.

resource allocation

Another difference between a virtual server and a dedicated server is the amount of resources allocated to each website. In a virtual server, you can get as many server resources as you want. On the other hand, there is no obligation to share your resources with other sites.

One of the reasons for the popularity of dedicated servers is that the site manager takes advantage of the maximum capacity of storage space and processor power. If in virtual servers all these resources are divided between different sites.


In general, it can be said that both dedicated and virtual servers have an acceptable quality in terms of security. But if we want to compare the security of these two, the level of security of dedicated hosting is at a higher level.

Because in VPS resources are shared between several different sites; If one of the websites does not comply with security issues, hackers can penetrate that site. Then they access the server and other sites through the relevant site and put their information at risk. In any case, you can improve the security of the dedicated virtual server by installing software designed for this purpose.


Performance refers to how fast the website loads. The importance of optimal site speed is not hidden to anyone, because sites with optimal loading speed are very popular among users. In addition, they can be placed in a good position in terms of SEO.

Dedicated and virtual servers have differences in terms of performance. Due to the limitation of bandwidth and resources in virtual hosting, it is natural that its performance is lower than that of dedicated hosting. So the speed of sites that use a virtual server is lower compared to sites that are set up on dedicated hosting.

The virtual server provides optimal loading speed to users, but if a number of sites face an increase in traffic, it is possible that the loading speed of your site will decrease. Increasing speed can help improve your SEO ranking. Therefore, if site loading speed is very important to you, it is better to choose Dedicated Server for purchase.

Configuration and personalization

Another difference between dedicated and virtual servers is their configuration and customization capabilities. If you buy a dedicated server, you will be given the opportunity to configure different parts and apply the necessary settings.

In fact, in virtual servers, hosting management is in the hands of the owner, and service providers also provide the necessary access to webmasters. But these accesses have limitations compared to dedicated servers. In such a way that it is not possible to install some programs for website administrators. They also cannot change settings in a way that compromises the security of other sites.


Another difference between virtual and dedicated servers is their scalability. In terms of this feature, virtual servers are superior; Because they are much more flexible. In VPS, a part of the resources is considered for the user, without changing the hardware. To put it more clearly, in virtual servers, resources and space can be changed depending on the needs of site administrators.

On the other hand, the configuration of dedicated servers is not possible due to the use of special hardware. Although dedicated servers allow the site manager access to complete hardware resources; But the expansion of resources requires adding a series of slots and modules, and this process can impose a lot of cost on the user.

Which server is right for you?

Choosing the right service is not an easy task and often challenges users. In order to find out which of the dedicated and virtual servers is right for you, you must consider a series of factors and make a decision based on it. In fact, which type of hosting is right for you depends entirely on your personal needs and the type of site you have set up.

For example, if we want to compare dedicated and virtual server in terms of resource allocation, dedicated hosting is superior; Because all the resources are available to one person. Therefore, if you do not have a budget limit, it is recommended to choose these services to have the maximum features and facilities.

In terms of personalization, although both cases are very similar; But dedicated hosting provides more customization capabilities to the user. According to this article, if you need special configurations, a dedicated server will be the best option for you.

The price is one of the most important mental concerns of those who plan to start a website in the virtual space and earn money. In terms of price, virtual servers are offered with cheaper tariffs; So, if you have limited budget and financial resources, you can prioritize VPS purchase.v

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